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GreyGlyn Welsh Mountain Ponies

GreyGlyn Welsh Mountain Pony farm intentionally breeds ponies with the breed standard in mind.  Each breeding is carefully considered.   Disposition is very important to us and athleticism is not an attribute we compromise on even if it is a beautiful pony.     There are numerous lines of wonderful Welsh Mountain Ponies but our path has been to stay focused on the Coed Coch lines with each purchase and breeding because that is the look we like and the lines have been proven over decades in the Royal Welsh showring.  Our program started with the purchase of a stallion I fell in love with at first sight, Cat Creek Inuendo and a filly’s picture that I had on my wall for several years before she was offered to us for sale, Randan Absolutely Gorgeous.  Both have Coed Coch breeding and have the look of the Coed Coch ponies.  We have added another mare of herd foundation quality, Verdrefawr Marina who we think is an exceptional beauty.  We feel very fortunate and blessed to have these ponies as our foundation.

On a trip to Wales in 2018 with friends, I visited 21 Section A farms and then in 2019, Rod and I visited ten farms, several of which I visited the year before. This visit we saw a lot of wonderful foals.  We looked at pedigrees, parents and the individuals and how they would fit in with the herd that we have.  We finally chose a wonderful filly out of the incredible show mare, Nerwyn Letitia and by Betws Anhreg at the Nerwyn Stud where you can find the best of the Coed Coch lines.  Nerwyn Lisabeth will come to Kansas sometime later this year along with two other youngsters from the Penech Stud.  Penech Glyn Tirion and Penech Ariana are both by Penech Romeo. The Penech Stud had a wonderful Royal Welsh show where two of their ponies won their very competitive classes and their stallion, Penech Romeo,  was the wining sire of those shown this year.  Tirion is out of a beautiful mare, Vennebos Pretty Glamour Girl  and Ariana, a very fancy filly with lots of presence is out of an equally beautiful mare, Islyn Arian.  We feel very, very fortunate to have been able to purchase such assets for our breeding program and look forward to raising and showing these youngsters.

The following are some of our results from the American National the last three years.

GreyGlyn News/2018 American National

Verdrefawr Marina had a really good show!  She was Supreme Champion under judge Cecile Dunn, USA, and Reserve Supreme under judge Clair Willis-Burton, Wales.  Marina was also shown by Rod Myers in the Driving Division for her first American National appearance in driving at Tulsa and performed beautifully.  Marina was a great multi-tasker at this show as her daughter won the class of 12 weanling and yearlings under both judges and was Res. Champion Filly.  Shown by Mrs. Jaci Baxter.


GreyGlyn Catarina

Catarina is out of Marina and by Cat Creek Inuendo.   She was shown as a yearling in the weanling/yearling class which she won under both judges and was res. Champion Filly also under both judges.


GreyGlyn News/2017 American National

JW17-210-0727 (2)

Verdrefawr Marina, our newest addition to our family of ponies, was Grand Champion Section A (both judges) and res. Supreme Champion under UK judge, Roger Davies  at the 2017 American National.  Marina was the WPCSA National High Point Champion as a four year old when owned by Bandy Welsh,  who imported her as a weanling.  Marina is a memorable beauty and we are so happy with her.  She is a sweetheart too!

        GreyGlyn News/2016 American National

We returned from the 2016 American National with UK Judge John James’s  Grand Champion Section A choice who went on to become his res. Supreme Champion, Eos Artemisia, our 6 year old mare.   American National Champion Colt,  GreyGlyn Brighton was pinned by UK Judge John James and USA judge Brian McClelland.  Brighton was also named  Res. Grand Champion Section A by Brian McClelland.  GreyGlyn Endeavor, our 4 month old weanling was res. Champion Colt under Judge McClelland and  Wonderland’s Suzanne won the yeld mare class under the UK judge.  GreyGlyn Lady Sarah was res. Champion filly under UK Judge James.  The ponies were shown by Jaci Baxter and Rod Myers.  Eos Alana was the reserve Champion Roadster, shown by Rod Myers.

Our 2016 American National winners –


Eos Artemisia, 1st place broodmare, Champion Mare, Grand Champion Section A, res. Supreme Champion-judge John James UK.  Tess’s sire is Wharley Magic Flute and she is out of Randan Absolutely Gorgeous.  Tess won her class for 5 years in a row at Tulsa. She is a fancy mover.


GreyGlyn Brighton (Nerwyn Gwyn x Randan Absolutely Gorgeous) won Champion Colt under UK judge John James and US judge Mr. McClelland.  He was res. Champion Section A under Mr. McClelland.  Brighton is a yearling and was res. Champion colt last year under both UK and US judges.


GreyGlyn Endeavor, was second in the  yearling colt class and was res. Champion Colt under Mr. McClelland .  Endeavor is by Cat Creek Inuendo and out of Randan Absolutely Gorgeous.  He is 4 months old in this picture and shedding his coat of many colors.  He is an especially sweet colt and enjoyed meeting about 50 children who visited his stall with lots of pets.  We think he has his sire’s great disposition.  So far Indy has had very sweet babies with good attitudes for learning new things.

We have a wonderful video of GreyGlyn Lady Sarah, thanks to Sharyhill Shooters who videoed the American National Show.  Sarah is our two year old filly who is a full sister to Eos Artemisia and Eos Alana.  She is a replica of her dam in looks and personality.



Eos Alana, was a res. American National Grand Champion Section A when she came to us as a three year old. She is a full sister to Eos Artemisia and GreyGlyn Lady Sarah.  She was American National res. Champion roadster in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Alana is by Wharley Magic Flute and out of Randan Absolutely Gorgeous.

Wonderland’s Suzanne was UK Judge John James’s first choice in the Yeld Mare class at the 2016 American National.


Our American National stalls. We updated things this year-a little more modern.


A longtime Saddlebred breeder said it is best to buy one really good mare and go from there.     For us it was Randan Absolutely Gorgeous who was not available but we bought two of her daughters and years later, when she was available we bought her too.  We follow the Coed Coch bloodlines as much as they are available to us.  Our  stallions  carry a great deal of Coed Coch breeding and we now have some young stallions including one by Nerwyn Gwyn out of Randan Absolutely Gorgeous who also carry the dna of the most winning Royal Welsh farm in history.  Following are pictures of our two stallions and our foundation mare.  More information available on their pages.


                                 Cat Creek Inuendo

Cat Creek Inuendo is by CC Fury and out of a daughter of Menai Silver Buck.  Criban Gold Cockade, Coed Coch Glyndwdr,  twice,  Clan Dana, Revolt, Criban Daniel, Wenworth Glynda, Criban Cockade, Twyford Gurkha, Owain Glyndwr and Twyford Santa are on his immediate pedigree – unusual for a stallion this age.  Indy is a beautiful, typey Welsh Mountain pony who has the wonderful combination of a long neck and short back with a gorgeous head.  Most impressive though is his kindness and he passes his good disposition on to his get which we greatly appreciate as we work with them.  Indy is a favorite of several judges who have shared with us how much they like his conformation and Welsh type.  He is siring his  looks and disposition.

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Sarah, Gabriella Gorgeous,Rocky 8-22-14 094

Our foundation mare, Randan Absolutely Gorgeous,  was a Royal Welsh top 7 out of 97 ponies in her class as well as being a UK medal winner as a yearling. We have six of her produce, five are an American National Champion or res. Champion in halter and one multiple res. performance champion.  I was told a long time ago to buy the best mare you can – and for us – Gorgeous was the best.  She is a proven producer with all of her five babies we own earning American National titles.  She passes on quality in each of her foals – by three different stallions.  Her pedigree is a treasure.