Eos Artemisia, Randan Absolutely Gorgeous and GreyGlyn Lady Sarah


                                  Eos Artemisia

2011 Central National Grand Champion Section A
2011 TSF Jr Champion Filly
2012 Central Regional Grand Champion Section A
2012 American National Jr. Champion 
2012 Tulsa State Fair Jr. Champion 
2013 Tulsa State Fair  Champion Mare
 2013 American National 3-4 year old mare class winner
2104 Tulsa State Fair Reserve Champion Mare
2014 American National 3-4 year old mare class winner
2015 Tulsa State Fair Champion Mare

2016 American National Grand Champion Section A,

2016 American National res Supreme Champion UK Judge John James 


In her yearling year, Tess was Grand Champion Section A under Welsh  judge Mr. Edwin Prosser at the Central National and res. Grand Champion to her stablemate, Cat Creek Inuendo, under judge Mrs. Cecile Dunn at the Tulsa OKWPS  show in October, 2011.   At the first American National, Tess was Jr. Champion Section A filly. Thanks to Kelli Jackson Broers for doing an excellent job of handling our ponies. it was a great start to a career of blues that we never imagined.  Tess has shown in tough competition at the Tulsa State Fair for five years and has won her age division class each year in addition to winning four championships.  UPDATE:  Tess finished her halter career with her 2016 American National res. Supreme Champion win.  She is in foal to Cat Creek Inuendo.  Thanks to Jaci Baxter for doing such a great job of presenting her.

True to the vision of the breeders of her parents (Wharley and Randan) and the Eos farm owned by Steve and Sarah Dickmeyer, Tess is beautiful,  typey Welsh Mountain Pony with an exceptional trot.   She has an inquisitive mind and exhibits the kind of presence that defines a good show horse.   We think she is unusually smart and she obviously owns our hearts.

Eos Alana, Tess’s beautiful full sister,  joined us in spring 2010.   She is an elegant, very sweet mare who has a very, very big trot.  Alana is in training for driving and we will see what direction she wants to go.  We are hoping for roadster.  Her trainer says she is doing great and enjoying work. Tess’s dam also joined us, much to our delight, and was carrying another full sister, GreyGlyn Lady Sarah.

Pictures of Tess the summer of her yearling year taken by Jeff Myers.  We think she is a wonderful combination of gentleness and spirit.

Tess wins the 3-4 year old mare class

Tess wins the 3-4 year old mare class at American National and was named Champion Mare.


Tess getting her res. Supreme Championship ribbon at the

2016 American National from Judge John James.


              Randan Absolutely Gorgeous

the dam of Eos Artemisia, Eos Alana, GreyGlyn Lady Sarah,GreyGlyn Brighton and GreyGlyn Endeavor-all are  American National Champions or reserves halter and/or performance.

When I first started looking for a mare after we bought Indy, our stallion, I fell in love with Randan Absolutely Gorgeous.  She became my standard as I looked for mares which is why we purchased her daughter, Eos Artemisia her weanling year.  Tess has grown into a lovely Welsh Mountain Pony mare.  She is the smartest pony/horse we have ever encountered.  (update-our 2013 colt out of her sis and by Indy may be as smart). When we decided to look for a mare a little older we decided on Tess’s full sister, Eos Alana, an elegant mare with the kind of trot that turns horsemen’s heads.  I mentioned to Sarah Dickmeyer that I would be interested in Gorgeous if she ever sold her.  Great news for us – Gorgeous came to Kansas to join her two daughters on our farm.  She is a lovely mare with a kind heart that is obvious by the way she partners with children when they ride her.  To me, she is Miss Welsh.  She is the most affectionate horse/pony we have ever had.     Looking forward to good times with these lovely mares.

Yearling Randan Abosolutely Gorgeous

Randan Absolutely Gorgeous, pictured above, somewhere in the UK being shown her yearling year.  Steve and Sarah Dickmeyer of the Eos Welsh Pony farm of California purchased her as a foal beside her dam, Randan Absolutely Fabulous,  and had her shown her yearling year in the UK where she placed 7th out of 97 in her yearling Royal Welsh class in addition to a string of first and second placings and a reserve and champion Section A win in other shows. She is also a UK Medal Winner! Her yearling year in the UK she placed 1st and was Reserve Champion Section A at Northern Counties, !st and Champion Section A at Kington, 2nd at Newmarket and Great Yorkshire and 3rd at Northleach.  To top it all off – she has the sweetest personality possible.  She was shown and handled by 8 year old girls in California.

Gorgeous arrived a couple of months before the 2013 American National.   Although not quite in show shape, she was a little chubby,  she placed second under Judge G. Wyn Jones in a very nice mare class.    So thrilled to have this wonderful mare who stole my heart before I saw her in person/pony.  We feel very fortunate to have her three daughters and two sons.

                                                                                                  Sarah, Gabriella Gorgeous,Rocky 8-22-14 097

                                                        Gorgeous and GreyGlyn Lady Sarah




                        GreyGlyn Lady Sarah

Randan Absolutely Gorgeous x Wharley Magic Flute


Sarah as a two year old at the American National.  Res. Ch. filly American Judge.


                                                                    Sarah as a yearling at the 2015 McKinney show.


We think disposition is very important for a Welsh Mountain Pony.  I have heard that the Wharley and Randan farms bred for disposition, movement and pretty heads.  Sarah is the expectation of the combination of Wharley and Randan. She is more than gentle – she is loving.  She is especially attracted to children.  She was born broke to lead, tie and load in the trailer.  Welsh ponies continue to amaze us.


  Rod and Sarah and Sarah’s young friend at the 2015  McKinney show.

american national 2014 039

There must be a pony in there somewhere!?  GreyGlyn Lady Sarah and Rod on

their way to the practice ring were stopped numerous times by people at the Tulsa

State Fair who wanted to pet the five month old blue eyed Sarah and some were

quite sure she must be a unicorn with her amazing blue eys.  Sarah loved the all of

the people.  An ambassador for the Welsh Mountain Pony already, at 5 months old.

The results of imprinting, early handling and breeding for good dispositions.

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